Why do people watch foreign films

So, since the advent of the cassette, there are twice as many people watching the movies you invested in - and wait until you see what happens when then they can simply instruct their computer to download a movie from us at Matrixx Internet Distribution - while they are in transit from their job headed home or watch it over their lap-top by means of broadband wireless in the train.

Think of a boring movie you've seen. Who was the director? Films from elsewhere, are less likely to impose these prim restraints, lingering on believably imperfect bodies and believably spontaneous acts. If you have kids, you know that they will often want to rent the same damn movies over and over until you realize that you were an idiot for not buying the cassette in the first place.

Video Space - The New Dimension As the smaller compact discs CDs and Digital Versatile Discs DVDs become more and more popular because of the fact that digital sound is virtually perfect reproduction of sound and picture is high resolutionthey will replace the older LP records on the shelves and virtually have done so at this time and the VHS tapes found once everywhere.

Why in america do they never release foreign films in theatres?

Whether the government support the local film industries or not each has positive and negative effects, and different effects has its level of importance. A classic Bollywood love story that has stood the test of time.

How many times have you seen it? Do you remember which one it was? To conclude, people watch foreign movies for their technical brilliance, screenplay and cinematography. Even ifpeople die every day as well, that still gives your movie a whole lifetime, for any particular individual who was born, to see it and pay you for such rental until there are no human beings left on the planet Earth.

When did it come out? Films are a reflection of life in a society. With all the ingredients of a classic love story, the film is a tale of love, separation, courage and sacrifice that unfolds over 22 years. Why or why not? I do not discriminate films by the country they are made, i will watch a film from any country but i do find myself now being drawn to 'World Cinema' as i feel more confident that the narrative will be worth the watch, something i cannot be as certain with when it comes to American films.

This is one way your feature appreciates in value. Do you want your children to be actors or actresses? Echo Boomers, who are still playing around, number 33, in the U. The endings are less predictable.

However personally i think it is rare now days that Hollywood make any great films, stuff like the Godfather, Goodfellas, Fight Club etc were all amazing hollywood made films.

Addionally, none of the above revenues include network or ancillary sales which can be immense for medium and high budget films. Right now some cable systems that have a monopoly over their areas are arrogant, over priced and non-service oriented. I repeat, there will be another boom like you will not believe in home entertainment as well as theaters and hopefully investors will be savvy enough to have hedged their bets in the proper direction - movie investments.

There are a million variations in this big world, of a peely-painted old fence. If a book has been made into a movie, which do you prefer to do first, see the movie or read the book?

On top of that, the promotions of foreign films are usually more fancy and attractive to audiences than those of local films.

3 Reasons Why Watching Foreign Films is Important

Spain ranked 23rd, Italy 32nd, and France 35th. A movie that is a total flop in will be not only a collector's item in but it will be looked on as quaint and reminiscent of the "good old days" of yesteryear. They deal with science fiction, supernatural, history and the like.

IELTS essay sample | People prefer to watch foreign films rather than local films

Do you think a movie has to be expensive to make to become a blockbuster? They offer new objects and landscapes. In your country what common courtesies apply when watching a movie at the cinema? Giving up protecting a intact culture may be a small price to pay for stimulating the interaction of cultures, which in turn may stimulate the evolution of human civilization.

Their popularity encourages more people to watch these films. What things happen too often in movies? Since movie goers are getting more movies for their bucks, they are spending more bucks on their movies. First, foreign films, especially those produced in the West, are gigantic and expensive.

Her mission becomes clouded when she finds herself falling in love with the man she is assigned to kill. But in other cases, it is more a matter of culture and language preservation. Who did you see it with? Have you ever thought about what super powers you would like to have?

There is an interesting phenomenon that nowadays people are prefer to watch foreign films over local films, via counting the numbers of people watching these two kinds of movies.I’d like to share some recommendations for indie and foreign horror films with you.

Some of these are personal favorites, and others simply offer something unique or groundbreaking in the genre that shouldn’t be missed.

3 Reasons Why Watching Foreign Films is Important

But how useful are films when you're trying to learn a foreign language? One of the reasons given for Dutch people's remarkable proficiency in English is that on Dutch television and in cinemas.

Jun 28,  · Why Documentary Films Are So Important. In France people do watch TV, (though much less than in the US, TVs are becoming the central focus of.

Why do many people watch foreign movies? Update Cancel. ad by NetSuite. OK so, I can't speak for other people but I have a good idea why people might enjoy foreign films. The reasons why many people watch foreign movies can be many ones.

The Lonely Subtitle: Here's Why U.S. Audiences Are Abandoning Foreign-Language Films. Apr 04,  · Best Answer: i wouldnt say never. They actually do, they are certain theatres that play foreign and independend films. you just have to look for the one in your town.

in my town theres a theatre called the angelika, and they play those type of films only. for the second answer. Some people Status: Resolved.

Why do people watch foreign films
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