Standardization vs adaptation

Some years later Buzzell extended the discussion to cover in addition to advertis- ing also other marketing mix elements.

Then this debate move forward from a international marketing and find out that what standardized advertising campaign to the approach is best and why.

In order to meet the needs of international customers, the firm may need to adapt its product to suit individual or regional markets.

Product adaptation strategies are also being considered as perhaps the most influential aspect of Multi-National Corporations MNCs. Companies must have to seek a tradeoff enhance the chances for product innovation as between the standardization and adaptation.

For example, Intel microprocessors are the same regardless of the country in which they are sold. Most of the empirical studies made so far have focused on the standardization vs.

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It was first in the s standardization vs. Journal of International Investigation. Whitelock operations, the adaptation affects mostly the suggests that standardization will leads to the tangible or physical attributes of a strategy attentiveness of the technical research work, as the because it focuses on environmental conditions of process is standardized so less staff training is various markets.

Consequently, companies who wish to enter international markets are faced with the challenge of considering the options of whether to standardize or adapt the elements of their marketing mix. There are number of marketplace.


According to Kotler Marketing, This Kitchen and de Pelsmacker, Given the great diversity of these factors, a variety ways was used for their measurement, but the most common practice was the use of five- or seven-point interval scales.

Its developed standardized products are marketed worldwide with a standardized marketing mix.

Product Standardization vs. Product Adaptation

Contingency factors affecting degree of standardization and adaptation The review by Theodisou and Leonidou Its developed standardized products are marketed worldwide with a standardized marketing mix.

In some cases, products may not need to be adapted in either way e.

Difference between Product Adaptations and Standardization | Export Management

Supporters of which encourage firms to use standardization adaptation approach convincingly advocate that strategy or adaptation strategy at the international there is a significant difference in culture, level.

Columbia Journal of World c Helps in achieving competitive advantage Business, With this, a high level of adaptation is likely to become difficult to coordinate the network of activities by the multinational in a global scale. Such as reduction of choices, less flexibility, small ranges, obstacles to progress, varieties of consumer attitudes, competitive environment etc….

There are several potential reasons for the higher degree of standardization of the product element, like: Altogether, 35 different marketing strategy items were examined included to the review by Theodosiou and Leonidouwith the minority of the studies ex- ploring seven items or more.

Further, standardization is a practice of setting identical characteristics for a particular good or service. The best product standardization strategies allow you to balance the need for targeted adaptation with the cost savings of standardization.

Product Standardization vs. Product Adaptation

Red-symbol of good luck Gold-symbol of wealth and happiness. The debate on the standardization and adaptation of marketing strategy is not new, but the researchers not yet came to an agreement that which strategy is better to serve the international market.

Export Management Product adaptations also called differentiation or localization or customization come in several forms. Mandatory adaptations involve changes that have to be made before the product can be used, For example, appliances made for the U.

Product standardisation also called globalisation involves making one global product in the belief the same product can be sold across markets without significant modification. The major constraints on product standardization include the consumer preferences and the governmental and trade restrictions.

Difference between Product Adaptations and Standardization | Export Management

Product and Brand Management, 7:Standardization vs. adaptation of the marketing mix in foreign markets has been one of the key research areas in international marketing since late s.

Standardisation vs Adaptation in International Marketing: Conclusions Once a specific new market entry strategy is selected, the choice of extent of standardisation can be specified as one of the most important critical success factors in the new market.

Despite 40 years of debate on international marketing strategy standardization vs adaptation, extant empirical research is too fragmented to yield clear insights. Branded Translations is a specialized language agency, focused exclusively on the translation, transcreation and localization of marketing & creative communications.

We help international organizations and advertising agencies reach global and multicultural audiences through quality translations that are on time, on budget and on brand. Product Standardization and Adaptation in International Marketing: A case of McDonalds i Abstract Companies marketing their products and/or services overseas are.

Standardization versus Adaptation in International Marketing Introduction The most challenging decision that a company may face in internationalization is the degree of standardization or adaptation in its operations.

Standardization vs adaptation
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