Michelle obama role model essay

Seriously, she's been a great FLOTUS Michelle Obama hasn't overpowered her husband by any means, but she hasn't stayed in his shadow either and has become a respected role model in her own right as First Lady of the United States.

This included graduating cum laude from Princeton University before finishing up her law degree at Harvard. Yes, these efforts take time — but most worthwhile pursuits in life usually do.

Michelle is always out working hands on with her projects and speaks firsthand on account for all of them. She also achieved several important milestones while in the White House, such as passing a bipartisan School Lunch program to provide free and reduced-price meals to more than 20 million low-income children.

Some of her celebrated qualities? Parents all want what's best for their children in hopes that they will someday become responsible well-adjusted adults with good morals. But her sense of style was more than just fashion. To go out of your way and into the way of many lives.

Visit Website Making the lengthy daily trip to attend Whitney M. Once you do, your capacity as a leader will rise ten fold. And when doing so, she never lost her cool. You also need empathy and compassion in order to build healthy relationships within an organization.

Obama is certainly not afraid to be herself despite public pressure.

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To sum it up, the art of perseverance sets great leaders — and great organizations — apart. Michelle has also championed female veterans, asking them to speak at the White House about their experiences transitioning back into civilian life. Many great accomplishments take a significant amount of time and hard work.

Many women saw some of themselves in Michelle Obama. She's an Advocate for Healthy Living: Could you really imagine a better First Lady?

So when, popular figures fail to live up to our images, they fall into obscurity -- or what I would like to call the endless pit of public scrutiny. Inshe was named executive director for the Chicago branch of Public Allies, a leadership-training program for young adults.

Surveys aside, there was clearly something about Michelle many people loved and admired. Embracing the use of social media, she encouraged fans to follow her progress on her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and proved willing to bring her messages to audiences by appearing in humorous sketches online and on television.

Obama has made it her mission to combat childhood obesity through healthy eating and physical activity. There is a significant amount of fear pain, and loneliness that a military family can go through each and everyday.

These images are a compelling, yet difficult image to live up to; after all, no one is prefect. Later, she went on to establish the Chicago chapter of Public Allies, a national service network to help prepares youth for a career in the civil service.

Some of her celebrated qualities? The pupils were specially selected students who showed promise and were interested in pursuing the sciences, but were not achieving as highly as hoped at school.

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First Lady Michelle Obama harvests sweet potatoes with local area school children during the fall garden harvest at the White House garden, in Washington Image: She then used her political platform to amplify her campaigns. She's Has Been Married for 19 Years: The fact that the Obamas have remained married for 19 years shows us that marriage can be sustained.

Parents may not be able to fully relate to her circumstances as the First Lady, but the challenges of parenthood are universal.

And could the government be doing more to help?

12 reasons Michelle Obama should be President of the USA in 2020

Let us know your thoughts below! While not everyone is as fortunate as Michelle to have had a strong support network growing up, the great thing about confidence is that it can be improved once you make the decision to do so and start appreciating who you are and what unique qualities you have to offer.

But being a successful leader is more than just having good business skills. Yes, these efforts take time — but most worthwhile pursuits in life usually do. This content is coming soon How could you not love these two? To truly understand the meaning of education and what it does for our society for our children and for our youth.

Not all of us will get to influence public policy like Michelle, but you can all learn to stay committed to your goals regardless of what life throws at you.

Michelle Obama

Obama, was a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School. Before Barack Obama became president, Mrs.Thank goodness for Michelle Obama! Recent studies of UK youngsters have shown figures such as Victoria Beckham and Jordan to be major ‘role models’ for young students, with fame and fortune listed as major ambitions ahead of academic attainment or career success.

Oct 03,  · Watch video · Michelle Obama () was an American first lady and the wife of Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. An Ivy League graduate, she built a successful career, first as a lawyer. Michelle Obama didn’t just go to school, get a degree, and get married.

She worked and studied to make a life for herself and was an established working woman before she met her political husband. Michelle Obama hasn't overpowered her husband by any means, but she hasn't stayed in his shadow either and has become a respected role model in her own right as First Lady of the United States.

Michelle Obama is one of these role models.

Michelle Obama is the role model America needs

The photo Essence released yesterday of Barack and Michelle Obama feels like the most fitting farewell image we could receive.

Jan 24,  · Michelle Obama made history when she became the first African-American First Lady in the history of the United States.

Since then, Mrs. Obama has become a .

Michelle obama role model essay
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