Investors perception towards mutual fund

questionnaire for perception of indian investors towards mutual funds

When a bond issue is underwritten, one or more securities firms or banks, forming a syndicatebuy the entire issue of bonds from the issuer and re-sell them to investors. Reality told me that this thesis might be wrong inwhen the prediction failed to come true.

Adding to the problem is that much of the Chinese private debt is pledged with collateral from the stock market, which has been in free-fall this year. This would virtually guarantee a sharp slowdown in productivity and GDP growth.

The implications of the study are subject to the limitations of sample size, psychological and emotional characteristics of surveyed population.

Otherwise there would be arbitrage opportunities. Consequently, the embedded commission structure may encourage investment fund managers to regard dealers and representatives, rather than their fund investors, as their "customers".

First entity- sponsor, qualification of sponsor, good reputation, increasing order of profit for last 5 years 5.

Mutual Funds save your time and make investing easy and convenient. The flipping process has an element of random chance to it, so this outcome is possible. However, the bond bubble is now bursting. In other words, asset prices have become even more distorted, and debt levels have grown to a greater destabilized level than ever before.

Absent a clear relationship between the rate of the embedded compensation paid to the dealer and their representative and the level of services an investor receives in return, the payment of embedded compensation may be perceived to be tied to the simple distribution of the fund product as opposed to the provision of ongoing advice and services.

The independence of a central bank is paramount in maintaining a wall that helps prevent the unfettered monetization of fiscal profligacy from the Executive and Legislative branches. Foreign issuer bonds can also be used to hedge foreign exchange rate risk.

High-yield bonds junk bonds are bonds that are rated below investment grade by the credit rating agencies.

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In the wake of the last crisis, Governments worldwide thought it was a great idea to push trillions of dollars' worth of debt into negative territory and keep them there for many years in the foolish pursuit of inflation targets.

On September 21st Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, the last two independent investment banks, become bank holding companies, so they could compete for deposits with commercial banks and better ensure their solvency.

Although leverage can increase potential returns, the opportunity for larger gains is weighed against the possibility of greater losses. Mutual funds are investment companies that collect funds from individual investors and invest those funds in a potentially wide range of securities or other assets.investor’s perception towards mutual fund and their performance in recent years.

This study also focuses on investor awareness on various mutual fund schemes, factors influencing investors in selecting mutual fund schemes and also asses the problems faced by mutual fund investors pertaining to.

KEYWORDS: Mutual Fund, Investors, Solapur City INTRODUCTION Mutual fund is a pool of money collected from investors and is invested according to certain investment options.

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A mutual fund is a trust that pools the saving of a no. of investors who share a common financial goal. A mutual fund is created when investors put their money together. • To study the investor’s perception towards mutual fund with consideration of socio economic variables.

IV. RESEARCH DESIGN This research study is an analytical and descriptive research. It is related to the analysis of perception of investors towards mutual funds.

In order to conduct this study, mutual fund investors of have been.

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sector. Considering these points this paper is an attempt to know the investors perception towards selection of mutual funds. Moreover this study is also attempted to give suggestions to investors for making investment in mutual funds.

Both primary and secondary data has been used in the study. investors have been taken for survey. affecting the perception of mutual fund investors. 2. To examine the difference of perception of large and small mutual fund investors on the basis of the explored aspects of mutual funds.

IV. METHODOLOGY This study is mainly based on the primary data. Secondary data is only used for the development of the research framework. 1. To know investor view towards Mutual fund.

2. To know the preference of investor toward specific instrument. 3. To know the level of awareness of mutual funds in metro and other cities and study the investor behavior in mutual fund schemes.

Investors perception towards mutual fund
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