Factors that influence public trust in government essay

Trust is essential not just for obtaining resources but also for making government work effectively. Hibbing, John and Theiss-Morse, Elizabeth. The public desire to be served by government officials has remained steady for more than three decades.

Factors that influence public trust in government

Implementation of strategies that allow for easy access to government information in order to evaluate performance and results is the other factor that influences public trust in government.

Amid the war in Iraq and economic uncertainty at home, trust in government continued to decline. Over the course of the past half-century, the two measures have mapped very closely. However, trust, is difficult to establish in the e-voting domain as it is necessarily based on complicated distribution information systems through which interactions between computers, between humans, and between humans and computers occur Antoniou et al.

And in the classical democracy of Athens, it was commonly observed that everything depended on the people, and the people were dependent on the word. University Press of America, While the turbulence of the s and s dimmed perceptions of the state of the nation for people of all ages, Americans who had reached middle age by then have regained some of their positive feelings.

Bush and Obama years. Besides persistent worry concerning the moral health of American society, a factor that lowers the satisfaction of the people to the state of the nation, lack of contentment with the honesty of the elected officials is another major factor that leads to distrust of government.

The magnitude of public trust in government influences the ability of the government to generate the revenue required to support public programs. No matter how the question is posed, it is a decided minority that has a positive opinion of government.

This takes into account the mode of delivery of service in numerous government sectors including health, education, welfare, transport, security, and environment among many others. But Americans are hardly alone it seems. One reason performance factors so prominently in trust is that Americans have high expectations for the role government should play in public life.

Discontent with the state of the nation is both a cause and an effect of distrust of government. Recently, I had a conversation with a serious student of government.

It is often the case that opinions expressed in public differ from those expressed in private. Some of these negative consequences are that voter turnout during presidential elections has become significantly low.

But trust declined only modestly in a follow-up survey conducted in the midst of the scandal. In addition, public perception that the government officials are to blame for the adverse circumstances that lock the country, may result in a decline of public trust in government.

How Americans View Government

Public Trust May 05, Professor: Cambridge University Press, Similar Papers. High rate of unemployment results in decline of public trust in government. The magnitude of public trust in government influences the ability of the government to generate the revenue required to support public programs.

Politicians and publicists, for example, seek ways to influence voting and purchasing decisions, respectively—hence their wish to determine any attitudes and opinions that may affect the desired behaviour. Without the cooperation of the people, it would be totally impossible for the government to implement some policies.

These studies revealed that only a few people criticize the federal government as compared to the case in the s, when the government was regarded as inefficient, wasteful, unresponsive and too stringent.Essay # 1.

Meaning of Public Opinion: In simple terms public opinion means opinions held by the people at a certain time on a certain issue. In a narrow sense it may mean a noncontiguous and transitory mass of individuals with a common or general interest. the most proximate influence on public trust and the legitimacy granted to the police.

In the short term, we argue, it is the way the police treat people that is the most important influence on their. Dissatisfaction with political leaders is one of the most important factors that result in lack of trust in government by the people.

This is due to the numerous criticisms of the way politicians, who form the functional part of the government, carries out their duties. Nichelle Alston Pols Factors That Influence Public Policy Essay In America, the gap in educational levels between unfortunate children and their more fortunate peers has always been a /5(1).

The findings revealed that there are significant factors that the governments should focus on to enhance public trust in the context of e-voting, which are: trust in e-voting; trust of government; perceived risk; disposition to trust and intention to use. Regardless of the fact that the national mood and trust in the government have increased since the mid s, a considerable proportion of the United States citizens is still highly unsatisfied with the status of the nation, an aspect that lowers their trust in government.

Factors that influence public trust in government essay
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