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What impact can the electoral college system have on presidential elections With the advancement of technology, the electoral college was introduced in the united state of America for conducting elections for the president and the vice president of the country.

By using FPTP it is not usual to find that runner up has just fallen short of the winner. The Senate was designed to represent each State equally regardless of its population.

How does Electoral College Work Published by admin on Sample Essay In the United States a system which is more popularly known as the Electoral College is under action which allows a candidate who receives fewer popular votes to win an election.

Miller identifies the state of affairs of the elections where the eventual victor. At the Constitutional Convention, the Founding Fathers were trying to create a rule of law governing the election of a President in a nation that was made up of thirteen large and small states who were jealous of the rights and powers each possessed.

One of arguably the main advantages of this system is that many view points can be represented in parliament as each voter gets to two opportunities to vote. History of Presidential Elections With the Electoral College, the estimation of a vote relies upon what express a man lives in.

Direct Election of the President. Arguments Against the Electoral College Those who object to the Electoral College system and favor a direct popular election of the president generally do so on four grounds: Under this system, it ensures that the winner has a majority of the votes cast and the proportion of seats granted in parliament to the winner candidates reflects the votes they received in the election.

Numerous plans have been proposed for eliminating or altering the electoral college, including direct election of the president and vice president by popular vote. Recognizing the strong regional interests and loyalties which have played so great a role in American history, proponents argue that the Electoral College system contributes to the cohesiveness of the country be requiring a distribution of popular support to be elected president, without such a mechanism, they point out, president would be selected either through the domination of one populous region over the others or through the domination of large metropolitan areas over the rural ones.

Still, if the prospect of a faithless Elector is so fearsome as to warrant a Constitutional amendment, then it is possible to solve the problem without abolishing the Electoral College merely by eliminating the individual Electors in favor of a purely mathematical process since the individual Electors are no longer essential to its operation.

Suppose, for example, a certain state is considered "safe," or sure to vote for one candidate. The States are even responsible for drawing the district lines for their House seats.

Electoral College

The Numbers Flaw The unfaithful elector is an example of how the popular will can be purposely ignored. And since ethnic minority groups in the United States happen to concentrate in those State with the most electoral votes, they assume an importance to presidential candidates well out of proportion to their number.

Some of the cons associated with electoral government include the following: The wide range of parties in the Parliament reflect the country more accurately making it more representative.

There are many more steps involved, which may give citizens the feeling that their vote does not matter, encouraging them to stay home instead of visiting the ballot box on election days. It forces candidates to attend to the differing opinions found in the far-reaches of this nation. There are two main basic systems in regards to parliamentary electoral systems.

The Electoral College system may not be perfect, but it has led to over years of political stability. The president and the vice-president who are heading the executive branch are chosen through this complicated process which is known as the electorate college. This is a hybrid system which allows people to have a local constituency MSP and also add other member to make the overall result more proportional.

Burr Every state holds a winner-take-all popular vote for electors except Maine and Nebraska.

Essay: How does Electoral College Work

Three of the votes were not given at all a role as three voters kept away from making their constituent choice for any hopeful. Chelsea House Publishers, Chicago Manual of Style: With this plan, every vote counts as part of an electoral vote.

Changing to a direct election of the president would therefore actually damage minority interests since their votes would be overwhelmed by a national popular majority.

Electoral College

There might be a paralyzing delay in determining the victors, and the president-elect and vice president-elect could be members of opposing political parties. We witnessed this on a littler scale in the race. Jefferson received 36 ballots and he won the race for presidency in the election of When Americans cast their vote for a presidential candidate, they are really voting for an elector — a delegate pledged to vote for that same candidate.Numerous movements have aimed to go from an Electoral College to a popular election, but the system remains.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Electoral College. Pros. Write an essay ofwords in which you: 1. Describe the structure and function of the electoral college. •What are consequences of using an electoral college system versus a popular vote?

Use the presidential election as an example. 3. Assess the value of an individual citizen’s vote under the electoral college system. Research paper example essay prompt: The Electoral College System Is One Which Is Criticized Often In Most Of The Countries In The - words NOTE: The samle research paper or essay prompt you see on this page is a free essay, available to anyone.

The one with the next highest number of votes would be vice president. That system lasted until In that year, Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson got exactly the same number of electoral votes.

Persuasive Essay – What should be done with the Electoral College?

The system had to be changed. The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution (ratified in ) clarified the electoral college procedure.

How does the electoral college system operate/function?

The Electoral College: An Overview

What are consequences of using an electoral college system versus a popular vote? Use the presidential election as an example. Johnny Iacobucci Electoral College Essay Civics The electoral college is the current system of voting used in the United States of America to elect the president.

A body of electors chosen by the voters in each state to elect the President and vice President of the U.S.

Electoral college system essay
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